Building & TrainingYour Team to Win

Building & Training YourTeam to Win

We Help Agencies & Recruiters Automate Their Growth Using Timeless Principles.
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Over 90% of agents quit within the first year...

The majority of new insurance agents give up within the first year, and the percentage increases to greater than 95% after five years. This is due to the challenging nature of the business and the lack of support that most new agents receive.

However, among the agents who are successful, they almost always point to a supportive mentor or agency who helped them push through the difficult times and achieve their goals.

Learn to Retain 80% of Your Agents

Tired of recruiting the best agents in the industry only to have them leave your agency after a couple months?  Looking for proven ways to keep your best talent engaged and doing what they do best, selling insurance policies?

We’ve outlined 3 Absolutely Critical “Recruiting Strategies That Will Transform Your Business” that will take your agency from mediocre to magnificent!  We’ll talk about:

✓ How to ensure that you’re recruiting the right people

✓ Providing excellent and valuable sales training

✓ Keeping your best talent engaged and moving forward

Don’t spend any longer dropping the ball and losing agents to your competition.  Get this free video training session from Ron Jones with downloadable notes that are yours to keep!

Winning agencies focus on culture & training...

In all my years, I’ve never seen a winning agency with bad culture and poor training.

The formula for success in insurance isn’t all that complicated, it can be boiled down to ‘Recruit, Train, Retain, Motivate & Sell.’

The agencies that have these 5 points dialed in, are going to succeed 95% of the time.

Ron Jones, CEO

The 4 D's ofRL Virtual Marketing


We discover where you are in your business and help you set goals for future growth.


We craft a custom solution perfectly suited for your business to help drive visibility, growth, and profit.


Our team makes the dream a reality by executing the planned strategy and creating content, websites, and targeted campaigns.


Experience our delivery as you start receiving alerts for new leads, recruits, and inquiries as your visibility grows. In addition, our specialized coaching will help you make the most of these results.

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Our Services

Accelerate Your Teamwith Personalized Training Events

Ron Jones brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with your team.

✓ 40+ year veteran of the insurance and leadership industry
✓ 2x Best Selling author
✓ Grant Cardone Certified Coach & Trainer
✓ Has traveled across the country speaking with sales teams of all sizes. 

If you’d like to have him speak with your group, we offer many options including In-Person and Virtual Training events.

His valuable leadership and mentorship right from day one and the first project we collaborated on helped me accomplish top performance from my Market Directors and Regional Sales Coordinators in recruiting. They are still using his strategies and systems to this day very successfully.
— Lynn B. | Salt Lake City, UT
Ron’s specific value to me and my organization was in his ability to work well with the Regional Sales Coordinators who reported to me. He helped improve their recruiting skill sets, their sourcing, and the retention of their sales teams. He was also a great resource of advice for me personally.
— Jeff W. | Houston, TX