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Over 90% of agents quit within the first year...

The majority of new insurance agents give up within the first year, and the percentage increases to greater than 95% after five years. This is due to the challenging nature of the business and the lack of support that most new agents receive.

However, among the agents who are successful, they almost always point to a supportive mentor or agency who helped them push through the difficult times and achieve their goals.

RL Virtual Marketing revolves around three pillars that we use to 10X the size and revenue of Insurance Teams.  These points are: Recruit, Train, and Retain.

Recruit – We offer proprietary systems to source, and schedule potential recruits to meet with a recruiter.

Train – Producing agents don’t happen by accident, we work with your team to turn them into sales rockstars.

Retain – Through ongoing mentoring, support, and our lead generation and lead nurturing systems, we will provide all the tools needed to create and retain producing agents.

If you would like to learn more about what we do, pick a time from our calendar above for a dedicated strategy session at our Booth in Pod F, or reach out to Ron directly at or 817-587-0124.

Some Brands We Have Partnered With

Heartland Retirement
State Farm Insurance
Family First Life
Globe Life Liberty National