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Host a virtual team in our virtual webinar training room to learn together even though physically apart.

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Come join us for one of our live training events and see for yourself how life-changing they are.  Learn and network with many other professionals

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Your Coach: Ron Jones

Best Selling Author, Top Insurance Sales and Recruiting Strategist, 35+  Year Insurance Veteran

Meet our CEO and your insurance sales coach Ron Jones.  He is a top insurance sales and recruiting veteran who has been in the insurance industry since the 1980s.

Whether you need an in-person or a virtual coach, he can help you identify the areas for growth in your agency and develop specific strategies to implement in order to reach and surpass your goals.

Ron has spent years researching and training his teams in these, plus many other areas of sales and recruiting:

Recruiting and Training Top Sales Producers
Maximizing Your Existing Sales Opportunities
Optimizing the Sales Process to Win Deals Faster
✓ Using Psychology to Get Your Customers to Say Yes
Selling in the New Normal: Via Phone and Virtually

Discover how quickly coaching with Ron Jones can unlock the potential of your agency to become top sales producers.


Meet Mentor, Coach, and Trainer: Grant Cardone

Best Selling Author, Star of “Undercover Billionaire,” Master Sales Coach and Trainer

Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last as well as a sales trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur who has worked in real estate and the auto industry.

Grant Cardone is a real estate mogul who built his $5 Billion portfolio of multifamily properties from scratch. Moreover he was named the #1 marketer to watch in 2017 by Forbes Magazine.

We employ the techniques and strategies taught by Cardone to deliver an experience for you that is uniquely designed to identify existing opportunities for expansion. We’ll help you plan to maximize and harness those areas for business growth. 

By using our unique approach to business, proprietary strategies, tools and tactics you will be able to streamline, innovate and maximize your business’s full potential.

10X Business Boot Camp

Hosted by RL Virtual Marketing Executive Team
in partnership with Grant Cardone 

If you’re looking to take your sales game to the next level, then this workshop is for you. Led by the #1 sales expert team globally, this three-day Boot Camp will teach you the secrets to smashing your quotas.

You’ll learn how to build a process, identify your growth opportunities, and create a plan for achieving 10x sales growth. This is guaranteed to be the most comprehensive and impactful workshop you have ever attended.

What You Will Learn

✔ Learn how to sell to Today’s informed customer 
✔ Learn how to develop a bulletproof sales process 
✔ How to sell more products more quickly
✔ How to become a top producer even if you hate selling 
✔ How to accelerate your sales in a new sales role 
✔ How to build trust and confidence with your prospect in an instant 
✔ Quota busting sales action plan 
✔ The Presidents Club Process 
✔ How to build a pipeline bursting with Prospects 
✔ How to become a master of the ONE call close

The 10X Boot Camp is offered throughout the year both virtually and in-person.

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Next IN-PERSON Boot Camp
Dallas, TX in 2023

Sales Execution Workshop

Hosted by
CEO, Ron Jones
Director of Sales, Jo Hausman

No two other individuals  know more about sales than Ron and Jo. Under their leadership, the RL Virtual Marketing Sales team has closed countless deals and brought in hundreds of thousands in revenue. Now they’re ready to share with you the secrets, strategies and techniques which they learned from the king of sales himself, Grant Cardone. In this workshop Ron and Jo will take you through the entire sales process from obtaining leads to cold-calling, from getting past the gate-keeper to overcoming objections and from closing the sale to following up.

By the time you complete the Sales Execution Workshop you’ll be a selling machine capable of closing any deal or even training others to do the same. Get the time-tested methods that made Grant Cardone the undisputed master of sales.

Marketing Execution Workshop

Hosted by
CEO, Ron Jones
Director of Marketing, Wesley Peden

This is the man who Ron Jones, CEO of RL Virtual Marketing, trusts to oversee his entire marketing and technical operation. Wes, CMO has managed every aspect of RL Virtual Marketing’s marketing and technology initiatives since the beginning and he has almost single-handedly generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for the company. Wes’s unique insights, vast digital marketing expertise, and his ability to formulate strategies both innovative and effective have made him one of the most sought after digital marketing and technical experts in the country.

Now Wes puts his knowledge, talent, and time at your disposal so you can take your marketing to the next level and become even more competitive in your industry. In the past, people have paid Wes tens of thousands for his time. Now you can have access to this marketing power player for a fraction of that amount.

Address Your Specific Needs with a Focused Virtual Workshop

Principles of Top Sales Producers

This training will help you build a strong foundational platform for your sales leaders to succeed.

How to Maximize
Every Sales Opportunity
How to create your own 90-Day Massive Action Plan to 10X your personal and team’s sales results.

How to Win More Deals Faster, with Less Effort
Discover a powerful, repeatable system that will guide your success in every single deal.

Closing & Negotiation Masterclass
Discover how you can use the skill of “the close” not just to close the sale, but to get your way in that boardroom, at the negotiating table, and even at home.

Closing & Negotiation Masterclass
Learn to understand the differences between selling and closing, as well as how to handle objections and negotiate like a pro.

Phone Sales Mastery

Be successful in sales by learning how to navigate the phone call and turn your phone into a
money-making machine!

10X Professional

Learn specific daily habits and activities to ensure you’re always working towards your true potential.

10X Followup

How to avoid the nine common follow-up mistakes most salespeople make, that will shortcut yourself to success.

10X Money Principles

You can’t “save” your way to riches. Learn the importance of investing, diversifying, and the specific mindset changes you need to make.